We stock a range of books suitable for the newborn, toddler, tweenie, teen and adult. We specialise in activity books and books on the body to help with the hospital experience. We also stock a range of pencils and textas for colouring in fun! Freya and I love books.




Have you seen my studio book shelf in some of the product photographs? My sister jokes that I am the only person she knew with enough books to colour code the book spines and make my shelf an artwork. That was eight years ago and I still approach my bookshelf with some trepidation as I try to remember the spine and not the cover to find the book. Thanks Sis.

Our kiosk has all sorts of books. We stock whatever catches our fancy when we both go to the book warehouse. Freya likes the activity books and interactive ones. I like the children’s picture books always have even before I had kids.  Hope to write one about Hospital Land one day soon.

We have colouring in books for young and old. Pencils too. Folding paper plane books, origami, brain teasers and lots more.

Come and have a look the range is always changing.