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Can Can Cards

Can Can Cards

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Can Can Cards

Can you make a difference just by buying some cards?
Yes you can! Can Can Cards help artists with a disability build their own microbusiness.

Winning an Access Arts Achievement Award in 2017 allowed Freya to establish an art collective known as The Ripple Effect. This initiative brought 7 artists with disabilities together to hold 3 exhibitions and to go onto establish the Can Can Card brand.

As an artist for Can Can Cards, Freya is developing her own microbusiness designing cards, investing in production and liaising with printers and stockists.

When you purchase Can Can Cards you support 7 artists to grow their microbusiness and 2 social enterprises – Thinking of You Gift and Words With Heart make real, positive change!

Support artists like Freya by buying a pack of Can Can Cards today.

can can cards

Meet the artists



Matthew loves to express himself through his art – a passion which started as a young boy and continues to flourish. His favourite subject is well known amongst his family and friends –African wildlife, especially elephants. One of his dreams came true recently when he travelled with his family to Tanzania, Africa, and came close to his favoured wildlife while on safari. The inspiration this gave Matthew is evident in his work. Matthew uses bold colours in his art and explores a variety of mediums such as acrylic paints, crayons and more recently water colours. Matthew has embraced the community of like-minded people, learning new skills and making friends. “I want to keep doing great work and painting different things for my Art Exhibition,” he says. Matthew’s art is evolving, and thanks to the opportunity he has had of working with high-quality art professionals/mentors over the years, he will continue to create many more great works of art.


Freya is an emerging artist. Her practice started with printmaking Now she enthusiastically embraces all drawing and painting forms. Her inspiration comes from what she knows and drawings she has repeated over the years. Visual communication is one of Freya’s primary ways of communicating. For example, she will often be at the computer looking at “images” to copy, print, cut and collage. She is surrounded by art making in her home life, with both a mother and father who have had careers in the arts. Freya received the 2017 Access Arts Achievement Award which she used to create the Art for Art’s Sake collective providing a platform for Freya and other aspiring young artists to explore and develop art activities and small business opportunities. Can Can cards is the first micro-business to come out of this collective.


Jazper was introduced to drawing by his Mum Ita, an illustrator herself. She drew for him for months at an early age until at the age of two, one day he unexpectedly picked up the pen and added a missing element to the drawing. Since this time, Jazper’s obsession for drawing has emerged as a talent of his and is part of his character. His main bodies of work involve caricatures of people he knows or characters on screen. However, he has recently branched out to do landscape imagery. Jazper’s art plans are to develop his brand Jazper.Draws by expanding his product range and increasing his interaction with all stages of the processes. The brand provides purpose to Jazper’s day-to-day life and is a valuable way for him to be involved and present within his local and social communities.

Can Can Cards history

The Ripple Effect

Learn more about The Ripple Effect Art Collective with our short video. The collective was established by Freya in 2017 and went on to form the bones of Can Can Cards.